What Is CS3M?

Pinsheng CS3M Awards for Analytical and Bioanalytical Research Recipients.
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CS3M graduate student recognized for drinking water research.
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CS3M Researcher Develops Technique For Early Breast Cancer Detection in Urine.
Single cell nanoparticle profiling possible with novel SP-ICP-MS method.
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CS3M researchers pioneer noninvasive early cancer detection through innovative technologies.
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CS3M researchers suggest sunscreen ZnO nanoparticles may pose skin cancer risk.
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The NexION 350 SP-ICP-MS opens up a whole new world of efficiency and opportunity for nanoparticle analysis at CS3M.

The Center for Single Nanoparticle, Single Cell, and Single Molecule Monitoring (CS3M) uses innovative technologies at the single nanoparticle, single cell, and single molecule levels to provide effective solutions focused on:

- Early cancer detection

- Nanomedicine design and drug delivery

- Nanoparticle monitoring

- And broad applications to the life sciences, analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, and others.

In addition CS3M provides leadership in research and education through its internationally recognized researchers. CS3M also serves as a primary conduit for connecting new technologies with technology commercialization entities to enable rapid translation to industry and clinical practice.

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